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Finger Demo

Showing the Finger (patent pending) at the Incident Prevention Conference 2018 in Orlando Florida

More information

Made from tough plastic

The FINGER (patent pending) is made out of HDPE plastic. HDPE is used for many industrial applications, most hardhads are made with HDPE

The FINGER (patent pending) accepts multiple style cans

Standard size aerosol cans sit on the shelf at the bottom. Smaller size cans clip in so the lip at the top of the can rests on the top can clip. Use whatever brand of silicone spray you like best. 

Any size hose

The Finger (patent pending) at the top of the tool is 1in wide with rounded edges. This is the perfect size to open any hose and allow the spray to make direct contact with the inner skirt. This leaves the inside of the hose dry so it does not slide down the line while your working.

For best results

Start the hose a few inches down to avoid spraying yourself. Start pushing IN then DOWN. In some cases you may have to angle the spray nozzle to one side for better coverage.