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Bucket Knuckles are 3in x 19.75in and fit on sides or front of standard buckets. They are designed to hang from two bucket hooks.

Bucket Knuckles provide tool placement for flip socket and pole step removal socket, witch commonly rop out pockets of tool boards.

Center Hole has a bolt witch is used to hold a pole step removal socket, witch can be removed easily.

Benefits include added safety by offering tool and rigging attachment place inside the bucket as opposed to outside

Bucket Knuckles are designed to hold up to 50lbs.  The individual rigging points on the device are capable of supporting a maximum of 10lbs continuously. 

Helps to preserve the integrity and insulation of the fiberglass finish on the outside of the bucket by putting the wear from tools such as sawzalls, grips, and hoists inside on the liner.

Bucket Knuckles Tool Holder